Monday, 5 March 2012

Where I Live

So, I mentioned that I'm living out in the country? It's so very rural. Where I grew up, it was one town's boundaries blended in with another's so that the whole county was just one big sprawl of suburbia. There were some cute parts of the individual towns for sure, but it was nothing like where I am now.

Here, if you want to do your weekly grocery shop, its a half hour down the road, but this isn't cause you'll hit innumerable lights and a spot of traffic, it's cause it's 35 miles away. 35 miles of 75 mph freeway. However, if you take your eyes off the road (and surely I'm not advocating that...) you will be treated to some super cool views. The Coastal Range to the west, the snow-capped Sierras to the east. And LOTS of farmland in between. Right now the almond trees are in bloom. My allergies are in overdrive, but it sure is amazingly beautiful. All those whiteish pink blooms and then that new spring green to follow. It's my favorite color season (though I'll tell you that in autumn as well.) Especially after a few days of rain, the hills are green and meet up with that early morning blue sky. It's stunning.

The Farm Boy (as my long suffering husband shall henceforth be known - after all that is how he was first known - I was the barmaid) and I went to a dinner/dance this past weekend. It was so cool. Farm Boy wore jeans, a white short sleeve shirt and Doc Martens. Think new and trendy Docs, not skinhead. And stuck out like a sore thumb. What? No plaid? No cowboy boots? And where's your belt buckle Mr?? I was one of two girls wearing heels. The other was my friend who invited us.

We had some lovely beef - just heaping great trays of the stuff, beans, bread rolls and salad. And some divine peach or apple cobbler for dessert. Of course there were packs of almonds on the table too. Man I do love me some smokehouse almonds. And they just kept coming with the food - and wine - oh I do love California.

During the raffle, we had a laugh looking around at the people who had already won. Bags of feed lay at their feet, a few 2 gallon tubs of Round Up, the occasional shot gun. I was jealous. Honestly! When the dancing started I actually managed to get Farm Boy up for a few dances (the open bar may have helped) which is truly saying something cause he NEVER likes to dance. But that's the thing, there's no judgement here. Sure there are haves and have-nots, but everyone just seems so real, down-to-earth, so friendly! We really feel like we've come home.

Now, where's my allergy tablets...

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