Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I wasn't going to write anything today. Mostly cause I didn't have anything that amazing to say. However... I was reading a friend's blog (helloooooo mint) and thought I'd click the Next Blog button at the top. There are some odd bloggers out there (that's stating the obvious really.) But what struck me the most was this: I looked at six different blogs in total and four, yes, four of them were about tea. Really? Do we need all these blogs about tea? (Coffee drinker that I am, do we need ANY blogs about tea.) It's not that I'm against tea, per se... just, what is there to say about it that justifies a blog? A virtual diary. To be updated on a regular basis. About tea.

Day 1: Boiled water, put some tea in the pot, filled it up, mashed it and poured a cup.

Day 2: Tried it with sugar today.

Day 3: Back to no sugar.

Day 4: see day 1

Day 5: see day 1

Maybe it's a zen thing.

Friday, 15 January 2010

It's funny, this writing for no one really. I feel I should be able to tell all my thoughts and inner musings, but then, with my name on this damn thing (that was a mistake!!) I still have to censor...

We just had some really wonderful friends from California stay the last couple nights with us. They are going through the hardest thing imaginable for parents and just had to escape home for a while. God, who wouldn't. So they are visiting friends and family round Europe for a few weeks. I feel very privileged that they stopped with us as long as they did. And that hopefully we could be a part of the healing process with them? I know it will be a forever long thing but... I was encouraged to hear how open they were about their thoughts and feelings. I think I miss that openness living over here. The English can be SO closed. I do feel a little guilty saying that though as I have some wonderful friends over here that I can share anything with and they with me. But they know that and if they were to ever read this, they would know I don't mean them!!

On that subject, my husband laughs at me - he says he has learned more about people he's known all his life since he's been with me than he ever would have otherwise! Little secret to all you Brits... you think you are being nosy when you ask someone about their life, but people LOVE to talk about themselves, no matter where they are from!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Well Georgia, as you can see, I DID get dragged down into that vast pit that is inertia. Seems like everything is getting a bit slow to start this year... Schools are shut cause of the snow - not ours anymore, but Scotland, Wales and parts of England still seem to be buried. And snow is halting me going back to work through the cancellations of many evenings when I should be out flogging my wares and trying to make some money!

I am (as the one or two people reading this know so it seems a bit silly to say here) a consultant with a direct selling company which I suppose really ought to remain nameless to protect the (not so) innocent. I do love my job but it sometimes means having to convince people that they want to have a party when they are all just acting a bit English and come over all, "Oh nooooo, I couldn't ask my friends to come over and have to buy something!" (My answer is, You don't ask them to buy something, you ask them to come over, have a drink and watch a cooking show!! The idea is to have some fun, people.) So they are all using the snow as an excuse to not have a show. Listen, if I can get out, take the kids to school, do my shopping, and get to the in-laws then surely your guests won't have a problem getting to you. After all, I know SO many people who are just desperate to get out of the house! So, that said, we are rescheduling and people are happy to come when we thaw a bit more. (I meant the snow, not the English...)