Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I wasn't going to write anything today. Mostly cause I didn't have anything that amazing to say. However... I was reading a friend's blog (helloooooo mint) and thought I'd click the Next Blog button at the top. There are some odd bloggers out there (that's stating the obvious really.) But what struck me the most was this: I looked at six different blogs in total and four, yes, four of them were about tea. Really? Do we need all these blogs about tea? (Coffee drinker that I am, do we need ANY blogs about tea.) It's not that I'm against tea, per se... just, what is there to say about it that justifies a blog? A virtual diary. To be updated on a regular basis. About tea.

Day 1: Boiled water, put some tea in the pot, filled it up, mashed it and poured a cup.

Day 2: Tried it with sugar today.

Day 3: Back to no sugar.

Day 4: see day 1

Day 5: see day 1

Maybe it's a zen thing.


  1. Tea is the topic, huh? Okay...but that's so BRITISH, Gnu.

    If you can get it, try the Good Earth Original tea. It's cinnamonny goodness, with or without sugar.

    - Lorelei (not my real name...or is it...)

  2. Forget the Good Earth Original, (no offense Lorelei. I know its a favorite among many a marinite, but it actually tastes like the 70's. I say this because I live with a man who thinks the world of this tea and I am therefore forced to SMELL it at least twice a month. It SMELLS like the 70's too.) Stick to your basic Earl Grey with sugar and milk. Heaven in a mug. See Ginsu, people have strong feelings about their tea.

  3. So I often think about tea a lot as well...especially when I'm making it. Ha! I think about how I love that whenever we go to someone's house in England, the second we arrive they throw the kettle on for some tea (or rather those very cool electric water warmers that everyone has - not as popular on this side of the pond.) Then I think about how, why don't people put tea on when they come to visit in America? Is it just that people don't visit each other in American like they do in England?