Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Have I mentioned here how very much I love Clotted Cream? If I see it (oh, and it has to be Rodda's cause there is no comparison) in the shop, I will buy it and then have to make scones so I can eat it. I'm trying to find other ways to get it in my diet, but nothing can really compare to the scone. I realize that the scone is merely a vessel for the cream, but I do make some damn good scones and you want a tasty vessel.

So I woke up this morning to snow. It's the SECOND of MARCH. Now, I realize in a lot of places, this is not uncommon, but I live in England... at sea level... We have had our fill of the snow thanks. It's been a long cold wet winter and I am done with it. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not. We had a lovely sunny day yesterday - I think it actually got up to about 9C! Everywhere I went (and I went a lot of places yesterday!) people were commenting on the weather (in England? Shocker I know) and how lovely it was. We NEED some sun here. I'm booking a holiday.

I have officially earned my third trip with the direct selling company I work with. Yay! It wasn't easy this time, I have to say... Lots of last minute frenzy, but I think it will be worth it. We're going to Greece - a lovely peninsula outside of Athens, on the sea. Greek food.... yum. And sunshine!! I'll be there for my birthday and sharing a room with one of the greatest girls I know. So a great trip is on the cards. No, I didn't earn enough points to get my husband there. A real shame as he could use a good holiday sans enfants... Next time I hope! We find out where next years trip will be in July. Hope it's good. I've been to Monte Carlo and Chicago on the two previous trips I've earned. Looooovely!

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