Thursday, 29 March 2012

I've decided that I quite like Pinterest.

I am a list maker, a collecter of photos, a person who needs reminding that, yes, that was an idea I was rather fond of.

This is not so easy when many of the ideas I like are to be found on this interweb of ours. My bookmarks tab is, well frankly, it's alarming. Even with all its little subsections. And inevitably, I forget what I liked on those sites I marked in the first place.

So Pinterest, thank you for existing. Thank you for giving me a place to store all those photos of the way I want my kitchen to look when Farm Boy finally gets his green card and we can buy a home. A place to store all the photos of food I want to make/eat, the photos of crafty things I want to pretend I'm clever enough to make, the photos of places I have traveled to and loved, and all those places I want to go to still.

I will finally remember!

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